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Happy (Belated) New Year, Everyone. hmr-2016-kindle-cover

With the end of 2016, I happily announce that everything written here last year is now available through Amazon in either paperback or kindle ebook format. While I wasn’t able to get anywhere near the amount of stories written as I’d shot for, I can proudly say that I finished out the year with one extra story and that I’m satisfied with everything that I did produce. As well, while compiling and editing everything for Half-Mad Rantings: 2016, I realized that the 2015 edition had never been converted over into an ebook edition, so I went ahead and did that. The HMR: 2015 ebook can be found here for those that are interested.

Onto the news:

This coming year I won’t be regularly publishing any short stories. I have three longer works already being cooked up and in production, along with the story ideas that didn’t get written from this past year. I’ll be working on those with an eye toward just publishing the lot at the end of 2017 and if I get the chance to publish some shorter stories here throughout the year, I will. I’ve also changed over the stories listed under “Flash Fiction” above to represent a good sample of the work produced here over the last four years (and I may switch that up some point later in the year). So, even if I go silent for a good long time, rest assured that I haven’t thrown in the towel.



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Half-Mad Rantings Cover sp2013


So, as I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been working on editing HMR: Spring 2013 for re-release. It’s finally up and available for sale as of this morning, with a brand-new cover (since, you know, portrait orientation looks more “bookish” than landscape). So, if you haven’t gone to get your hands on it, do!

And in a few more weeks HMR: Summer 2013 will be joining it.


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So, a friend of mine talked me into doing Thing-A-Day this year for the month of February. Cleverly, she pointed out that the things made do not necessarily have to be crafts, physical objects, et cetera, and that writing counts. Which is good. Me equals “not so good with the crafts” (I occasionally do some jewelry-making for the wife in the role of “magical crafting elf”, but even then it’s pretty much an assembly line procedure – she’s the brains, I’m just the labor). But, I can write to a degree that (at least) doesn’t make people want to shoot themselves.

So, starting today I will be posting sections of a story piece by piece over the next month. Come back later today/tonight for the first post.