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It’s Here!

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Announcements
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Half-Mad Rantings: 2014 is here, folks! Available in both meatspace format and ebook, it features all of the stories published last year here on the site, along with “In the Woods” and “Journey to the South”.

And don’t forget that Omnibus 2013┬áis still available, as well!


Half-Mad Rantings Cover sp2013


“Half-Mad Rantings: Spring 2013” is now available over at Amazon and for today only – in a Post-Father’s Day promotion – for free! The ebook contains those stories published here during the Spring of 2013 (“The Doom”, “Route 9 & Bingham”, etc.) along with two new, previously unpublished stories: “Blood and Spirit” and “Cave Canem”.

So, go on over. Get a copy. Read it. Review it.

And, if you really like me, wait until tomorrow when it’s $3.99. But, don’t worry: I won’t hold it against you if you go get it right now. ; )