“Sharing a Bed”

Mike was sitting at his desk, his eyes dry and burning from staring at a computer screen filled with report after report for most of the afternoon and evening. He sat back in the old desk chair he had and took a swig from the warming bottle of beer he had. Mike closed his eyes and listened to the music playing from the nearby stereo, trying to clear his mind and relax for a few moments before diving back in. His own report was due on Monday and he needed to plow through the rest of these, dissect them, then synthesize all of the information into a summary and analysis for the Board.

And all he wanted to do was be out with Bonnie right then.

As if summoned by the mere thought, Mike heard his cell buzz on the desktop and he opened his eyes, reaching out for it and seeing Bonnie’s name on the display.

“Hey, sweetie,” he said, the smile on his lips evident in the sound of his voice. “What’s up?”

“Sounds like you’re having more fun with those reports than you said you would,” his wife replied. In the background, he could hear the muted sounds of the nightclub.

He barked out a laugh. “No! It’s just the sound of your voice is a beacon of hope and fun in an otherwise dull and dreary night.”

There was a pause. “Hmmmm…well, perhaps I can be more than a beacon and be a deliverer of hope and fun,” she purred back.


“Uh-huh.” Another pause. “I found this delightful woman at the bar tonight. Very pretty, very fun, and very open-minded. Should I bring her back…?”

Mike’s eyebrows raised. He and Bonnie had a somewhat open marriage, preferring to share their bed with the occasional female companion, but it had been a while and he’d had no inkling that she’d been in such a mood when she’d headed out.

“Uh…yeah. Definitely!” He said after a moment, picturing in his head what lay in store for him.

“Good.” The word was barely more than another throaty purr. “We’ll be back soon. Love you.”

“Love you, too,”

Mike set the phone back down on the desktop and stared at the computer screen for a long moment. He nodded and stood, making his way to the bathroom to clean up. Mike stared at himself in the mirror for a long moment, running his fingers through his chin-length brown hair, assessing whether he should shave or not. He decided that the stubble he had probably looked better than clean-shaven and settled on a shower to clean himself off some. He was back at his computer, showered and dressed, squaring away what he needed to in order to pick things back up in the morning when Bonnie walked through the apartment door.

“Love…” she called out, her voice softly echoing down the hallway. It was accompanied by the soft tinkle of another feminine voice, laughing in a way that betrayed both drunkenness and some nervousness. Mike locked his computer and turned in his chair as the pair entered the living room. Bonnie was short with flame-red hair and a curvaceous figure, wearing a beautiful cocktail dress that shimmered goldenly in the light. The other woman was Asian and of a similar height, but much more petite, her dark hair piled up on her head in some fancy conglomeration, and dressed in a simple, sleek black dress.

“Hey, baby,” Mike replied, standing from the chair – himself dressed in a simple, button-up shirt and jeans – and approaching Bonnie to give her a kiss.

The other woman watched, biting her lower lip as she did so, averting her gaze after a moment. “This,” Bonnie said with a gesture to the woman once she and Mike had broken their kiss. “is Anri. She was up for some…fun. Right, Anri?”

The other woman, Anri, returned her gaze to them and smiled, brushing a lock of her ebon hair that had slipped out of place back behind her ear. “I…yes,” she said, somewhat hesitantly.

Bonnie laughed throatily, touching Anri’s shoulder and then drawing the other woman close to her. “Oh…you’re just nervous, right, honey?” she asked, leaning her face closer to Anri’s and laying a few soft kisses on her cheek.

Anri blushed, but didn’t pull away. “Yes. I’ve never really…done something like this before,” she replied, gasping slightly as Bonnie nuzzled gently into her throat. “But, I’ve always wanted to.”

Mike smiled. “Don’t worry. This isn’t our first rodeo,” he replied reassuringly. “If at any point you want to stop, just say the word.”

Anri smiled a bit more confidently and moaned as one of Bonnie’s hands moved to cup and massage the Asian woman’s breast. Mike fetched another drink or two for the three of them as they relaxed and began to take turns kissing and groping one another. Eventually, they moved into the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothing as they did so.

This was something that Mike always enjoyed: seeing how another woman compared to his wife. He loved Bonnie, found her beautiful and extremely sexy, but it was always nice to indulge in novelty. Anri had smaller breasts than Bonnie, of course, but her nipples and areolae were darker and slightly smaller. Her hips were slimmer and where Bonnie trimmed her pubic hair very neatly, Anri’s was completely unshaven and wild – something that Mike found surprisingly appealing.

He and Bonnie turned their focused attention on Anri for a bit, taking turns kissing her, suckling on her breasts and playing with her increasingly wet mound. He loved hearing the other woman’s moans of appreciation and ecstasy, mingled with Bonnie’s own of arousal. Mike laid in bed next to them, idly playing with himself as he watched Bonnie kiss her way down Anri’s body and make love to the woman with her lips and tongue. After Anri came twice from that, Bonnie excused herself for another drink and slipped from the room.

Anri, still somewhat breathless, rolled toward Mike and began to kiss him, caressing his shaft with her slim fingers before taking him in her mouth. Mike groaned loudly as she sucked on him, eventually pulling her off so that he could reciprocate. He kissed her cheeks and neck and breasts as he slipped two fingers inside of her, her moans driving his own lust.

“Yes, yes!” she moaned out. “Keep going…”

Mike growled lustfully in the back of his throat in response, plunging his fingers into her and enjoying how wet she was.

“Keep going,” Anri gasped. “Yes! I–I want to impregnate you so badly!”

It took Mike a moment to parse in his head what the Asian woman had said. “What?” he asked, pulling back from her breasts and stopping the motion of his fingers inside her. “Look…my wife and I aren’t looking to do surrogate pregnancy or anything…”

He trailed off as Anri opened her eyes and he saw two pitch-black orbs staring back at him. “You will carry my children.”

“W-what?!” Mike stuttered, moving to pulling his fingers out of her, but feeling them stuck. He looked down at her crotch and saw what looked like dozens of long, thin tendrils – like pinworms – emerging from within her, wrapping around his two fingers and keeping them firmly within her canal.

“What the fuck?!” Mike screamed, yanking hard to remove his fingers. It took two hard tugs but eventually some of the tendrils snapped but not without taking of his skin with them. He cried out in pain as he backed rapidly off the bed, holding his injured hand to his naked chest as he scooted backwards across the floor.

“Mike? What’s wrong?!” Bonnie’s voice came from the living room.

“What the fuck?! What the fuck?!” Mike repeated, watching in wide-eyed horror as Anri rose on the bed, more of the tendrils emerging from her vagina and reaching toward him. Mike scrambled to his feet and made for the door, barreling into Bonnie and sending them both to the floor. He rolled off of Bonnie as Anri stepped down from the bed and sedately crossed the intervening distance.

“Run! Holy shit, run!!” Mike yelled, pulling himself up and tugging on Bonnie’s arm.

“What the fuck is that?” Bonnie exclaimed, her face a rictus mask of horror at the sight of the other woman.

“Bonnie!” Mike screamed, tugging hard on his wife’s arm to get her to move. Bonnie screamed as a dozen of the tendrils shot forward and buried themselves in the flesh of her stomach, breasts, and face. Mike screamed her name again as he watched, backing away in mindless terror as her body arched and writhed at Anri’s invading tendrils. Quickly, he turned and ran into the kitchenette, yanking a butcher’s knife from one of the drawers and turning back toward the bedroom, but stopping as he saw Anri in the doorway. A mass of tendrils trailed behind her to where they burrowed into and wrapped around Bonnie’s prone body, while more slithered across the floor toward Mike.

“You both will be such good gestators,” she said, a loving and approving smile on her lips.

The knife fell from Mike’s numb fingers a moment before the tendrils stabbed into him. He cried out in pain at the sensation, feeling the things burrow deeper into his flesh and muscle, into his body’s cavities, into and through and around his organs. And then…

And then he felt a million lives flow into him.

Nicole Egelhoff © 2014