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It’s Escaped!

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Announcements, Fiction
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Half-Mad Rantings Cover su2013

Not really – I intentionally released it into the wild (que maniacal villain laughter).

Anway, Half-Mad Rantings: Summer 2013 is now live and available for consumption. It contains everything published since May through the end of July, plus two new stories “A Story to Tell” and “It Gets Me in Trouble”. So go on over, buy a copy, leave a review, and tell your friends.

In other news, I’ll be taking the next week or two off from doing Flash Fiction challenges to work on some other stuff. So, see you in a few weeks!



Posted: August 24, 2013 in Announcements, Fiction
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Half-Mad Rantings Cover sp2013


So, as I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been working on editing HMR: Spring 2013 for re-release. It’s finally up and available for sale as of this morning, with a brand-new cover (since, you know, portrait orientation looks more “bookish” than landscape). So, if you haven’t gone to get your hands on it, do!

And in a few more weeks HMR: Summer 2013 will be joining it.

Half-Mad Rantings Cover sp2013


“Half-Mad Rantings: Spring 2013” is now available over at Amazon and for today only – in a Post-Father’s Day promotion – for free! The ebook contains those stories published here during the Spring of 2013 (“The Doom”, “Route 9 & Bingham”, etc.) along with two new, previously unpublished stories: “Blood and Spirit” and “Cave Canem”.

So, go on over. Get a copy. Read it. Review it.

And, if you really like me, wait until tomorrow when it’s $3.99. But, don’t worry: I won’t hold it against you if you go get it right now. ; )

Sunna’s Journey is finally in paperback (okay…that’s not totally true: it was in paperback as of the end of May through the Magical Druid, but now it’s also available through my Lulu store)! You can get it here in paperback or here for the Amazon Kindle.

That’s all for now, since this new job is kicking my butt and I need to hit the hay. : P

So, this week has been an interesting one for me.

I’ve been slowly working on a story that grew out of Wendig’s prompt to write a “kick-ass opening line”, but since there was no actual flash fiction requirement to that challenge, it’ll be squirreled away for the flash fiction collection I’m hoping to publish in the next handful of months (which will consist of all the flash fiction pieces so far published here, plus maybe three or four other unpublished pieces). In lieu of that, though, I was able to bang out a 1100 word story for the coming week’s challenge, which I’ve entitled “She-Who-Rides-the-Trees”.

But, I stress the fact that I was able to do so, because, well…look at the state of my hands:

This is why dishwashers were invented, folks.

This is why dishwashers were invented, folks.

So, y’all are probably wondering: “Where do you get one of those cool-looking, full-finger ring-jobs like you have on your middle finger, Nick?”

The answer to that question would be “the Emergency Room.” You see, this past Saturday afternoon I was washing the dishes when a lovely Don Draper-esque tumbler we had…well, tumbled and shattered. I got some pretty wicked lacerations on my hands, with the worst ones being my left pinky and my right middle finger. Both of those needed stitches, and the middle finger was so deep that it almost got to the tendon. So, once I get the stitches removed next Friday, I’ll have to follow up with a specialist to make sure that there’s no permanent damage to my ability to use that finger (I know: it’d be tragedy, right?). So, my writing has slowed a little bit, but gotten better over the last few days, and I’m just praying that the specialist finds no problems – but even if he does, it doesn’t seem like it will impact my writing too much.

In other news, those who are inclined should check out the Wellspring Gathering at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY at the end of next month. It’s a great plot of land, an amazing festival (a lot of great workshops, bardic competitions, etc.), and I’ll be there at the very least signing some books. ; )

But, now, I give you “She-Who-Rides-the-Trees”:


So, in the last two weeks I’ve had my first honest-to-goodness book published.

sunna cover

Nature FTW

As anybody who’s popped over to my other blog, red&yellow, might surmise: I’m a Neo-Pagan/polytheist/what-have-you, particularly of a Northern European bent (have been ever since I read about Oðinn in a book on Norse mythology and thought “Now, that sounds like a friggin’ awesome deity!”). And a few years ago as I was working through a particular religious study program for the organization of which I am a part, Ár nDraíocht Féin, I started brewing up some ideas for a liturgical book that would include stories and poems and such for use in rituals.

Sunna’s Journey: Norse Liturgy Through the Wheel of the Year is the culmination of that. It was first released a week or so back in ebook through some friends of mine over at The Magical Druid who maintain their own small press through Lulu under the Garanus Publishing imprint. The book is available in .mobi and .epub through the Magical Druid (here) as well as being directly available through the Kindle Store as of today. The guys at the Magical Druid tell me that they should be getting physical books in next month, so keep an eye open for that announcement, as well.

I have other ideas for religious and spiritual books a brewing in the old noggin’ along with my fiction pieces, but the religious ones are fewer than the fiction ones for now. I’m hoping to get an ebook of some of the flash fiction I’ve been doing slapped together and out sometime in the coming months once I have enough material, so that’s looking to be the next big announcement coming down the pipeline that I can foresee. But who knows what the future will bring, eh?

So, pop over to the Magical Druid or go to the Kindle Store to get my book if you’re interested (I make money either way) – though if you’ve bought it and read it, please leave a review over on Amazon. It helps me out. And heck, pop over to the Magical Druid if your interests incline you to that kind of stuff, as the guys there have quite the selection and do a good amount of high quality custom stuff, too. I can’t recommend them highly enough. : )

Endings and Beginnings

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Announcements

Rorschach and I hard at work.

Well, so my Thing-A-Day run for February 2013  has finally come to an end (after another delay over the weekend: I ended up spending about 36 hours hanging out with the in-laws and their kids and it was totally worth it). The plan now is to let the  draft sit for a bit (maybe a couple of weeks at this point, we’ll see what happens) then start re-writing it in order to publish. Already, I’m envisioning radical revisions so the following draft(s) likely will only bear superficial similarities to what has been posted here over the last month. That being said, I will be setting aside a separate page for the text on this here blog so that readers (should they desire) can eventually compare the rough draft with any future version that gets published.

As well, expect a continuation of the “Flash Fiction Challenges” (I’m already cooking the current week’s challenge and should have it up in the next day or so) along with periodic updates and posts regarding other projects I’m working on (currently, one of them being a short story anthology revolving around the Grail-esque relic mentioned in Journey to the South as “the Raiment of Stars”). So, until then, enjoy the picture to right of me and one of our cats diligently working on last night’s update.