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Alright, so this one took me a little longer to crank out than I’d hoped, so it’s going up a day later than I’d planned. But, here it is nonetheless. Again, terribleminds is still doing a round-robin style challenge, so for this one I consulted Seventh Sanctum for a prompt and got the following:

Setting: post-apocalyptic     Theme: serial killer story

So, using that, I came up with “On the Shores of Emerald Bay”:



So, over at terribleminds the Flash Fiction Challenges for the coming weeks are apparently revolving around a “Round-Robin” style concept, which unfortunately doesn’t really work toward what I do around here. No problem, I can roll with the punches. So, in lieu of any kind of prompting from the Wendig Quarter, I got inspiration for a quick piece from a recent Gizmodo article, “Half the DNA on the NYC Subway Matches No Known Organism”. Now, obviously, one could get sci-fi horror vibes from a headline like that (spoiler: the reason why half the DNA doesn’t match is because, shocker, our databanks of sequenced genomes isn’t complete), but my feelings were more along the surrealist route and prompted “Late Nite Ride”:


It’s Here!

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Announcements
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Half-Mad Rantings: 2014 is here, folks! Available in both meatspace format and ebook, it features all of the stories published last year here on the site, along with “In the Woods” and “Journey to the South”.

And don’t forget that Omnibus 2013 is still available, as well!