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Posted: January 30, 2015 in Miscellany
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No new story this week (taking the week off to focus on this quarter’s long story for next year’s Half-Mad Rantings collection) or next week (the Day Job takes me out to a fairly large job in Indiana, so there’s no point in trying to kill myself by making the Friday deadline for the week’s Flash Fiction Challenge).

But, I wanted to take the time to promote a fellow artist: Byron Winton. A Pittsburgher and a friend, Byron does some awesome damn art (see below), mostly in the horror and fantasy genres. He has a Patreon page where you can donate as little as $1/month (or more, obviously) to help support him in his art and I highly suggest that you do support him: he’s got a wicked talent and is, in general, a pretty awesome dude. As well, he does commissions – so anyone looking for cover art or illustrations, he’s definitely a man to talk to.


“Bounty Hunters” by Byron Winton


So, this week’s FFC was to let the random result of two d20 dice rolls determine what two well-known properties mashed together describes your story (e.g. “Firefly meets The Dark Crystal!!”…which would technically be Farscape, I guess). I rolled Jurassic Park and Charlotte’s Web, so I tried to work the themes of interspecies communication and DINOSAURS!!!! together into something readable and came up with “For Freedom”.


Edit: I had a version of this all set up and loaded last night, using WordPress’ new interface. Something got bungled and it made the “archived” page for this story (findable under the “Flash Fiction” tab above) the actual post. *sigh*

Happy New Year!

As I work on editing and wrapping up Half-Mad Rantings: 2014 (which should be ready to go in the next couple of weeks), we have the first Flash Fiction Challenge of 2015: “Who the F**ck is My D&D Character”, utilizing the eponymous website that randomly generates the outline of a D&D character concept to come up with a protagonist for your story. I “drew” something along the lines of “a grouchy human fighter from an unchartable island who believes they’re a demi-god, but is searching for their father” and while said character is definitely one of the principals, I was getting a “Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser” feel as I wrote and included a second protagonist as the main POV character. So, I hope you’ll enjoy “In a Tavern”: