Posted: November 10, 2014 in Uncategorized


Seriously. I’m still alive.

Granted, it’s been about five months (wait– seriously? Five months?! Good goddamn) since I’ve posted anything, much less done a Flash Fiction Challenge (FFC) or other kind of story, but that’s mainly because I’ve been uber-busy with my day job and stuff around the house and just life in general. BUT! I’ve still been writing. I’m well along with another revision of The Journey to the South (the last update regarding TJttS…well, it stalled out; stuff like that happens, but this one is moving along at a good clip and should be done before the end of the month) that will be a part of Half-Mad Rantings: 2014, along with another Ronnie Harris short story and anything else I’m able to pump out FFC-wise between now and the end of December.

And that brings me to my plans for 2015.

I’ll be getting more back into the weekly FFCs, with the aim of doing at least two per month (depending on my activity with the day job, life commitments, and whether the Challenge seems pertinent to what I’m doing here – example, this week’s Challenge over at terribleminds, “Three-Sentence Story”, doesn’t really seem to mesh with my plans). I also plan on doing at least one longer story (10,000 to 20,000+ words) per quarter to include in the yearly bound editions of Half-Mad Rantings, with the “Ninth Age” setting that has slowly coalesced as one of the more common settings I write in here being the connective tissue for them (depending on inspiration, I can see between two or all four of those stories taking place in the “Ninth Age” setting).

Anyway, that’s the news. And I’m eagerly awaiting this Friday’s Challenge to see if it’ll allow me to sink my teeth back into something on here – even if it doesn’t, I might dig a prompt up somewhere on the Wild Wild Webz to get something going.


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