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“I like to watch. This is humanity at it’s best. Look at them.  All that tension, all that anger and mistrust, forgotten for one perfect moment when they come off that plane. See those two? The guy doesn’t even know that the girl cheated on him while he was away.”

“She did?”

“Yeah. Twice.”


– Dogma, Bartleby & Loki on airports


I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but I’ve been busy with the day job. So, as I sit here in the airport terminal waiting for my plane home to board, I figured I’d take a moment or two to get this up here. This week’s challenge was to once again roll a d20 twice to randomly pick to different subgenres and use them to cook up a story. I rolled “Dystopia” and “Erotica”, and though I was a little reticent about the prospect (which made the boy of my Catholic up-bringing swoon and go: “What erotica?! Oh dear!!”) I decided to sack up and do it. I’m an adult. I assume y’all are adults.  And it’s not like it’s anything overly kinky or far out there, so…yeah. Proceed at your own risk, as the following story, “Feeling Human”, is definitely NSFW.




After a lot of work last year’s full collection of stories is finally available in one volume and as a physical book through Amazon here.


A short one (clocking in at just under 500 words) for this week’s FFC, which involved a d20 roll and using a random cocktail name as the title. I came up with “Rusty Nail”: