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Sweet Jeebus, it’s been awhile.

Work has been hectic and time-consuming, plus there have been a number of social engagements and events that my wife and I have been involved in the last couple of months that have eaten up time. I’ve barely had time to peck away at Journey to the South (yes, I’m finally getting around to actually re-working that and polishing it up for publication) much less to sit down during the week and pound out a thousand words (or more) for a Flash Fiction Challenge.

But, I’ve finally had a bit of a calm and I think it’s appropriate that (given the press and pressure of life these past few months) the one I’m able to actually do is “Life is Hell” – the thrust of which is to write a story about Hell, whether literal or metaphorical. So, hopefully you’ll enjoy the piece – entitled “A Trillion Shallow Wounds” – I was able to put together below and keep watching this space for some news in the coming week or so.