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So, this week’s challenge was to pick an opening line from the previous week’s challenge and write a story from there. I picked a line offered up by one “Julia H.”: “I flicked the lighter open and watched the flame dance in the wind.” I wrote one piece based on that which was a short vignette centered around a goth club that I used to frequent, but didn’t feel that it popped. In the wee hours of this morning, the seeds of the following short bubbled up in my mind as I drifted down through hypnagogia while trying to get back to sleep, but it’s a bit more splatterpunk than some of my recent stuff. So, y’know, brain-bleach may be required. Enjoy!



So, this week’s challenge over at was a little less meaty than what I was looking for, so I decided to come up with my own prompt. After sifting through a number of writing prompt sites on the Tubes, I decided to just do a random image search on Google (literally: I just typed “random” into the search bar while on Google Images and then just scrolled until I found something that inspired me), and came across a picture of a Medieval doctor (see below) that struck me as a good jumping off point. So, I sat down and cranked out “Chasing the Dragon”

“Turn your head and cough, please.”


Alright, so I’m a day late on this but I’ve had the week from Hell (two – count ’em two – car accidents, one involving a kamikaze deer), a crap-ton of day-job work to do,  various balls to juggle regarding the religious organization I’m a part of (ADF, check it out; heck, there was even a spot in the New York Times in which ADF is featured prominently), and just…hell, Life in general.

But, excuses aside, this week’s challenge over at the Wendig House of Fun and Horrors was to roll a d20 and combine two different subgenres. I rolled “psychological horror” and “artificial intelligence” and came up with “Subject 184”: