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So, this week’s prompt was to use ten randomly selected words (find them here) in your story. Well, I just watched Dredd with the wife this weekend (side-note: awesomely amazing movie, wonderful cinematography, and a great performance from Karl Urban – who proves that you only need a mouth to emote) and was inspired somewhat, so I came up with “A New Leaf”:




Posted: August 24, 2013 in Announcements, Fiction
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Half-Mad Rantings Cover sp2013


So, as I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve been working on editing HMR: Spring 2013 for re-release. It’s finally up and available for sale as of this morning, with a brand-new cover (since, you know, portrait orientation looks more “bookish” than landscape). So, if you haven’t gone to get your hands on it, do!

And in a few more weeks HMR: Summer 2013 will be joining it.

Hey all, back again with another story after a week or two of being off the grid. I’ve been working on a few other projects along with getting Half-Mad Rantings: Summer 2013 edited and ready for publication. I’ve also been working on getting HMR: Spring 2013 re-edited (there were…let’s just say…a “few” typos that readers pointed out to me) and re-published before Summer 2013 comes out. So, be on the look out for those two.

This week’s challenge was another “roll a d20 and combine two or more things” and I came up with “zombie apocalypse” and “ancient myth”. From there, I wrote a little diddy I call “By the Walls of Ilion”: