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This week’s challenge was an interesting one, asking us to roll a d20 and use whatever psychic power from the associated list to build a character around. I came up with “teleportation” and decided to use it as an opportunity to flesh out a little more of the urban fantasy/horror setting that I’ve been developing and placing a good number of my stories over the last few months (“Gone To Schmidt”, “Hands”, etc.) in.

So, I present, “Harry’s Tavern, 9:30 PM – in the men’s room”:



So, this week’s challenge was to use a random generator to create a sketch of character concept and build a story around that. Of the five that I generated, I picked “a philosophical grave robber is looking to take over a powerful crime syndicate.”

But, as a side note before I get to the fiction, this week is the Wellspring Gathering at the Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY. I’ll be there (celebrating my 30th birthday tomorrow, by the by) presenting a workshop and likely doing a signing event for Sunna’s Journey with the boy(s) from the Magical Druid.

Now, though, I give you, “Loving Father, Honored Grandfather”:


So, this week’s Flash Fiction is coming in a day late (but no dollars weren’t shorted, so all’s good on that front). This week has been a hectic one for me – between doctor appointments, job interviews, and numerous errands to be ran – and coupled with the fact that this week’s piece just kept expanding (it clocks in at around 9200 words…dayum)…well, I think you understand.

The challenge for this week was “smashing sub-genres” and I rolled “steampunk” and “splatterpunk” together. Which provided for…an interesting setting, I have to say. So, with little further ado, I give you “The Brothers”:


This week’s challenge was to use one of five randomly generated sentences (all of which were just this side of a Mad-Hatter’s tea party, in my opinion) at some point in the story. I chose “The portrait cat sneakily gestured at everyone” and thus wrote “Hands” (see below).

Before I get to that though, you might notice that all of the FFC pieces prior to this week’s have disappeared from the site. Never fear, faithful reader! I’ve simply taken them down as part of the process of bundling them together for the ebook. I’ve finished a draft of one short story, still plugging away at “Cave Canem”, and have begun the process of producing the art for the cover, so right now it looks like everything is on track for a release of “Half-Mad Rantings: Spring 2013” somewhere around late June for the Solstice. And then, sometime just before the Autumnal Equinox, this process will play out again for “Half-Mad Rantings: Summer 2013”, et cetera.

So, without further ado, “Hands”:


So, I’m a liar.

Last week I said that I don’t work well starting with a title and building from there. After I posted last week’s piece, I went for a walk along the boulevard that I live off of here in Pittsburgh and saw a sign on someone’s door that read “Beware of Dog”. This immediately reminded me of the small tile mosaic that my paternal grandparents had for decades on the front porch of their home that depicted a dog with the warning of Cave Canem displayed above the beast (the mosaic itself, according to my father, having been brought back to the States from Italy after my grandfather’s tour in the Army Air Force during World War II). Well, that got my wheels turning, I submitted the title of “Cave Canem” to the challenge (it didn’t get picked, sadly), and now I’m working on a nice short story that I plan on including in the collection of flash fiction that I’ll hopefully have out by the Summer Solstice. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, this week’s challenge was to write a piece using one of the titles that Wendig deemed worthy. I liked the ring of “You Don’t Bring Me Dead Things Anymore” (submitted by Chantal Nair) and wrote the following:

Edit: This story has been removed – look for it collected with more of my work in ebook format! 🙂