My First Book!

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Announcements
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So, in the last two weeks I’ve had my first honest-to-goodness book published.

sunna cover

Nature FTW

As anybody who’s popped over to my other blog, red&yellow, might surmise: I’m a Neo-Pagan/polytheist/what-have-you, particularly of a Northern European bent (have been ever since I read about Oðinn in a book on Norse mythology and thought “Now, that sounds like a friggin’ awesome deity!”). And a few years ago as I was working through a particular religious study program for the organization of which I am a part, Ár nDraíocht Féin, I started brewing up some ideas for a liturgical book that would include stories and poems and such for use in rituals.

Sunna’s Journey: Norse Liturgy Through the Wheel of the Year is the culmination of that. It was first released a week or so back in ebook through some friends of mine over at The Magical Druid who maintain their own small press through Lulu under the Garanus Publishing imprint. The book is available in .mobi and .epub through the Magical Druid (here) as well as being directly available through the Kindle Store as of today. The guys at the Magical Druid tell me that they should be getting physical books in next month, so keep an eye open for that announcement, as well.

I have other ideas for religious and spiritual books a brewing in the old noggin’ along with my fiction pieces, but the religious ones are fewer than the fiction ones for now. I’m hoping to get an ebook of some of the flash fiction I’ve been doing slapped together and out sometime in the coming months once I have enough material, so that’s looking to be the next big announcement coming down the pipeline that I can foresee. But who knows what the future will bring, eh?

So, pop over to the Magical Druid or go to the Kindle Store to get my book if you’re interested (I make money either way) – though if you’ve bought it and read it, please leave a review over on Amazon. It helps me out. And heck, pop over to the Magical Druid if your interests incline you to that kind of stuff, as the guys there have quite the selection and do a good amount of high quality custom stuff, too. I can’t recommend them highly enough. : )

  1. chellyisme says:

    I can’t wait for them to have hard copies! Think they’ll have them at wellspring?

    • crow365 says:

      I would assume so, but I won’t know until Seamus or Dangler give me a heads up. If they do, I’m sure there will be signing of books going on at some point. : )

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