Flash Fiction Challenge: “Game of Aspects Redux”

Posted: February 23, 2013 in Fiction, Flash Fiction Challenge
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Another Flash Fiction entry, folks. This week it’s “Game of Aspects“, where Mr. Wendig supplies three lists of ten possibilities that are randomly picked via a die-roll. I received “Slasher Horror”, “in the home of the gods”, and “puzzle box” as my Subgenre, Setting, and Element, respectively.

So, now I present to you, “The Doom.”

Edit: This story has been removed – look for it collected with more of my work in ebook format! 🙂

  1. zaiure says:

    Sounds like the conclusion (or beginning) to something really epic! I loved all the great names for the gods, very creative. Some really great imagery/word usage here, including “skin as white as maggots” and “corpse-white face of the moon”, and especially the description of the face of the Albino. I thought the progression from beauty (the gods, their home) to death (blood, violence) was done really well.

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