Flash Fiction Challenge: “Write What You Know”

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Fiction, Flash Fiction Challenge
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Over at author Chuck Wendig’s blog/website, terribleminds, the man puts up a weekly challenge to other writers to do some quick fiction. This week is “Write What You Know” and, since I was actually paying attention this week, I decided to start doing these when I have the time/inspiration and post them here.

So, here’s this week’s flash fiction: “Calamari and Heartbreak”


Edit: This story has been removed – look for it collected with more of my work in ebook format! 🙂

  1. jjtoner says:

    It was a mistake. I wish she’d stayed with you and helped you to eat that calamari. Jim

  2. I like that you kept the calamari thread throughout–it served as a welcome break in the tension going on between Matt and Eisheth. To me this story speaks to the persistence of prosaic, even during the worst situations. You’re walking out of the hospital with a broken leg and you get a whiff of McDonald’s and oh that smells good shit my leg is broken.

  3. Hope not too much of it was true :(. Heartbreaking!

    • crow365 says:

      Well, the part about her being a succubus – either metaphorically or literally – is a conceit of the fiction: she was actually a very nice girl and I knew then and know now that the situation had to have torn her up inside. The conversation (which actually took place over the phone) is mostly true, based on my recollections of it. It was just one of those things that most human beings have to go through: their first experience with true heartbreak. There’s enough time and distance (and the fact that I’m happily married to a woman who is my best-friend) that I can write about it and see it for the growth-experience that it was and the drama-mine that it can be used as for fiction.

      Oh, and the calamari was true. Took all my willpower to keep from throwing that sucker up when I realized that I might be eating the damn thing’s head. : P

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